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hello i'm tausif and today i'm gonna show you " how to find saved wifi password in android mobile" actually some days before i had uploaded one video regarding "how to find the wifi password in your computer" after that video so many guys ( or many people ) had ask me to do the same thing on our mobile how to see the password of wifi in your mobile

obi smartphone, now let's see first of all your mobile should be rooted. if your mobile is rooted then download the app called "file explorer" now open play-store in your mobile

now search the "es file explorer" this very popular app now you can see there is 100 million people have downloaded this app now simply download and install this app when your downloading has been completed than open this app now you can see file explorer is open here can see there is already sd card selected you have to select the device now you have check in the menu, whether the root is on or not

now you have to on the root after that you have to go in to "data" and there is folder of "misc select the "misc now you have to go in wi-fi folder in the wifi you can see there is file name of " wpa_supplicant.conf " you have to open that after there would be four options like you can open any of the editor. here i'm going to open in es note editor now you can see there in the last network name is khalid ssid show password of wifi

currently i'm connected with khalid so you don't have to do nothing much you have to simply download the file explorer and and install the app and check whether the root is on or not if root is on then select device open data open the misc folder here open wifi folder

select "wps supplycant .conf" open file with the help of es note editor now you can see here, wifi name and password if you like this video then press like button, and share with your friends and family for more interesting updates like this please subscribe my channel thank you for watching, see you

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