prepaid smartphone plans

what is the cheapest family cell phone plan? could you convince everyone to get a ham radiolicense? what is that? you take a test with the fcc and get to useham radios to communicate. it is like cb radio but licensed, but you can use much more powerfulequipment.

prepaid smartphone plans, i don’t think my teenagers are interestedin my father’s hobby. but it’s free! they think i can get them cell phones foralmost free. even obamaphones aren’t free; you have topay around $20 a month for them, while the

taxpayer foots the rest of the bill. what’s a realistic and affordable cell phoneoption? you can get a tracphone for as little as tendollars. plans are as cheap as $7 a month. those plans only give you about an hour amonth. i think my kids need more minutes than that. they have $30 plans for 200 minutes, and thekids can text message with the phones. and you can buy additional minutes via phone cardsalmost anywhere. i need a better option. you need to go to walmart. their unlimitedtalk and text plan is $30 to $40 a month for

one phone. i heard their unlimited data plan is on a3g network. ok, so you aren’t downloading movies whileat work to watch on the train. but it lets you call your kids, send text messages whenbored and drop the $300 a month phone plan you had. i wonder about how to control the costs whileretaining some flexibility. get a pre-paid phone. the kids then have tobuy phone cards with minutes if they want to keep chatting away. that might be a useful incentive. clean upyour room or you can’t talk to your friends

tonight. i wonder if they’ll figure out you stillhave a landline phone. they’d go mad tethered to one spot. i heardin some countries, prepaid cell phone cards are like a second currency. trade in cell phone minutes to gain accessto instant communications, data and smart phone banking. that’s common across thethird world today. and now we’re seeing it explode here. at least your kids can’t run up a $900 cellphone bill without paying for it themselves anymore.

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