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hey what is up guys! muwen360 is here doinga review of the leef bridge 3.0 usb flash drive for android. the leef bridge 3.0 isa small and compact flash drive that allows you to share files between your android phone, tablet, mac, and windows pc without the need for cables, cloud services, wi-fi or dataconnectivity. the flash drive comes in 16, 32, and 64gb storage capacities. the leefbridge 3.0 features a full-size usb 3.0 connector

radio shack smartphones, and microusb 2.0 connector that access thesame memory so you can grab and move content, photos, videos, music and documents to andfrom any compatible device up to 10 times faster than any other usb device. the fastrapid read and write speeds allows for the playback of videos and music directly fromthe leef bridge 3.0. using the flash drive

is extremely simple, plug it into your phone'smicrousb port and start transferring files. you do not need any special software to usebridge 3.0. just plug it in and access your data through the app of your choice. however,it is recommended by leef to download the free astro file manager from the play storefor optimal performance. unfortunately, the bridge 3.0 doesn't work with all android devices because it requires android 4.1 jellybean or higher and an enabled usb otg system. however, most of today's popular phones are supported. you can check leef's website at for a list of compatible devices. you can purchase this flash drive in-store at radioshack across the u.s or online at overall, great flash drive for transferringdata between your phone and computer. love

the idea and concept but it would be niceif more android tablets are supported. so this will wrap up this video and let me knowif you have any questions or comments about this product down below. i'd be happy to know! definitely give this video a thumb sup since it helps a lot. thank you for watching anduntil next time, i'm muwen360, take care.

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