rugged smartphone verizon

will the worlds thinnest smart phone survivemy tests? in front of me i have the moto z. the worlds thinnest premium smartphone frommotorola. i've tested close to 30 phones now... its important to understand how durable yourdevice is when you buy it.

rugged smartphone verizon, is the screen plastic? like the galaxy s7 active? or would it catastrophically crumble underpressure like the nexus 6p? after watching my tests, you'll know whatto look out for when using your own phone.

this phone is so thin, there is hardly evenroom for the usb c charging port on the bottom. for comparison, my galaxy s7 edge is on top,at 7.9mm then the moto z in the middle at 5.2mm, and then the iphone 6 on the bottomwith 6.9mm we'll start with the scratch test. these picks tell us where the screen fallson mohs scale of hardness. most phones reach a level 6 before scratching. some phones have a plastic screen, like thedroid turbo 2, or the galaxy s7 active. the moto z has gorilla glass 4 on it, so thereis no surprise that it lasts until a level 6 before scratching.

you wont have to worry about keys or coinsscuffing up the glass of this phone. the front 5 megapixel camera lens is integratedinto the gorilla glass 4, so, it wont be scratching either. but we do have a front facing flash on thisphone. which is awesome for the weirdos who liketaking selfies in the dark. it is made of plastic.. but that's normal,and nothing to worry about. the earpiece seems to be made of metal. the only problem is that its a wide open gapinghole... shaped like a cheese grater, just waiting to fill up with pocket lent and makeup,or little rocks from the beach.

so... watch out for that. the fingerprint scanner is not made of glassor sapphire like the iphones or the htc 10, so it does scratch. but even after being heavily scratched bymy razor blade, it would still function about 75 percent of the time. so as long as you keep the scratching to aminimum... it will continue to function just fine. the sides of this phone are made of metal. no primer or plastic to be found.

even the side buttons are made of metal. so... so far we've seen some pretty qualitymaterials. there is a glass panel on the top and bottomof the moto z. i imagine that this is where the screws arehidden... we'll find out during my tear down video, ill review this tech from the inside,if the phone survives the durability test. the camera lens is made of glass, so it willnot be scratching easy like the plastic lens of the blackberry priv. do you see how the dual flash at the bottomis different colors? having a multi colored flash allows for morerealistic, less washed out pictures in the

dark. the iphones have dual colored flash, as wellas the htc 10, but the galaxy s7 does not. so if you are a photography person who usesthe flash... now you know. thumbs up for the premium features nobodyusually talks about! its the little things that make a smartphonegood. the camera hump on this phone is pretty huge. it makes the hump on the galaxy s7 edge looknon existent. if you are the type of person to use the motomods, like the projector, the battery pack, or the speakers, they'll cover up that humpwith the added thickness of the backpack.

the ring is made of metal, and wont flakeor discolor if you don't end up using the mods. here is where the mods connect. the gold points themselves seem solid, andthere is a little rubber ring around each one to keep them clean and dust free. so i don't see any immediate issues with thisparticular component. the back panel is made of a very thin pieceof metal, so the construction of the phone does have that premium feel to it. onto the flame test.

its always interesting to me to see how longthe display holds up to extreme heat. i left the flame in place for over 50 seconds. almost 1 full minute, before the screen startedreacting to the heat from my lighter. pretty impressive considering that my galaxys7 only lasted 15 seconds before the pixels turned permanently white. the phones are cool to the touch within secondsof the flame being removed. onto the bend test. i was extremely nervous about the worlds thinnestphone breaking. but instead of snapping like chocolate, itjust flexed like the words most expensive

banana, and sprung back to its original positionlike it was no big deal. not even a kink near the power button, whichwould be normal for a metal smartphone like the iphone 6. even bending from the opposite direction yieldedno carnage, unfortunately. there was a small left over bend, but thatcan be corrected. i'm extremely impressed that motorola canmanufacture the thinnest smart phone in existence... and still have it be durable. while i do not endorse sitting on your cellphone, at least we know now that it will not catastrophically fail, taking all of yourdata with it, like the nexus 6p or the nextbit

robin. if you are not subscribed yet! make sure you do it! it is free, and you'll be notified every timei test a new phone. you'll be upgrading your own device somedayand it's better to know before hand what you are getting into. thanks for watching! i hope to see you around.

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