smartphone addiction test

so, at first glance, these two iphone's in front of me, they look to be exactly the same, right? i mean, iphone 7's, matte black finish.

smartphone addiction test, for the most part they are - or are they? hmmmmmmm? ok, fine, they are a little bit different.

this one over here is 256gb model. these one over here is a 32gb model. now: when you walk into the store and you decide which version you're going to purchase, you think: the 32gb model is cheaper i just wanna get in at the cheapest price point

cuz i don't need all that much storage. but. the story's a little bit deeper than that. apple might not be giving you the whole picture here. turns out that the 32gb model might be substantialy slower than the larger capacity models. not all storage is created equal. not all of it is the same speed.

and what happened here, apple probably went a little bit chintzier on the lower capacity models in terms of the quality or caliber of storage. hence, a speed difference. now i'm going to test this out today so open your eyes. so this one on the left over here,

capacity: 248.8 gigabytes of course that's the formatted size that makes this one to 256 gigabyte model. 27.85 gigabytes, that makes this the formatted size of the 32 gigabyte model - you can see there. i've got something on here called performance test. from your cpu, to your memory, to your storage - which is the thing we're interested in today.

if i tap on storage write speed, you can see 359 megabytes per second. the read speed 851 megabytes per second. now, over on the right here, let's go ahead and hit the storage write. you can already see how much slower that was just by watching the bar move along that's 42.4 megabytes per second

the read is not such a big deal, right? the less expensive ssds almost always get hit in the write performance this read speed is in the same neighborhood as the 256 gigabyte model, but the write speed holy smokes you're talking about almost 10 times faster write speeds on the larger capacity iphone 7. let me paint a picture: i've got a laptop over here.

this laptop has some movies on it some movies and itunes, star wars being one of them. never mind the synthetic benchmark, let's transfer it over like any normal user would do. so let's kick it off, the 256 gigabyte. i'm going to plug it in. i'm going to begin to transfer we're

going to time it. nothing else is syncing on this itunes besides this movie file for comparison it's a 4.2 gigabyte 1080p video file star wars a new hope. i'm gonna use another device just for the purpose of having a clock running. 3...

2... 1... okay, 2 minutes 34 seconds around two-and-a-half minutes for 4.2 gigabyte file. let's eject this device and replace it with a 32 gigabyte model. select star wars new hope, 4.2 gigabytes in... now keep an eye on this one guys there we go 3 minutes and 40 seconds!

the evidence is there. so the bar finish and i bet if you walked into an apple store and you ask the employee what was the difference between 32 gigabyte model and the 256 gigabyte or 128 gigabyte model, they would tell you, "oh sir, ma'am, miss, it's just the amount of stuff you can store on there." not exactly true. if you're media head, you're constantly

transferring large, files pictures, videos there's all types of scenarios where having a slower write speed on your device could affect performance as you've just seen. i don't think it's worth the performance hit considering the savings. it would be nice, though, if apple was a little bit more transparent about that performance difference. i don't think

you'll find people saying in the apple store, so that's why i'm doing it for you.

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