smartphone borescope

take advantage of the many features in the camera application. watch this video to learn how to use the camera on your galaxy rugby pro from at&t. to begin, touch apps from any home screen. then find and select the camera application.

smartphone borescope, touch ok if prompted. now touch the settings icon. here you have the option to change your camera settings like flash settings, shooting mode, and autofocus.

scrolling down you will also notice more advanced features such as iso settings, white balance, and effects. to change the size of your photo, select resolution. then select the resolution of your choice. scroll down and select storage. here you have the option to store photos to your phone or an external memory card. touch anywhere within the camera pane when you have finished adjusting your settings.

for quick access to any of the camera settings you can customize your shortcuts. to change a shortcut, simply touch and hold the shortcut then drag it to the position of your choice. now touch anywhere within the camera pane once more. set up your shot, and touch the camera button to take a picture. to record a video, slide the cursor toward the camcorder icon. to access your video camera settings, touch the settings icon. here you can change the effects, recording mode

adjust your video's size, and more. press the back button when complete. then touch the record button to begin recording. when you have finished recording, touch the record button again. to view your recent photos or videos directly from the camera app simply touch the thumbnail toward the bottom of the screen. then swipe left or right to view more. to share the photo with friends, or use the photo as your wallpaper touch the photo,then select share via.

next select the outlet you wish to use and continue.

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