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hey what's going on everybody this isdom and we are checking out the samsung gear 2 you and gear 2 neo and you notice how ididn't say galaxy gear 2, well that is because samsung has removedthe galaxy naming convention from it the smartwatch line and the onlyreason for that is because the year to you and your to neil actuallydon't run android in

smartphone comparison chart, samsung kinda wants to draw the linebetween their devices that run android andy devices like the samsung year toendure to neo that run ties in its own operatingsystem to probably wanting what the differences between the gear to you inthe gear to near

well the gear to neo does not have acamera which samsung actually relocated the camera on the gear to to the top of the watch faceas you can see right there other that the difference is the buildquality as well which he getting your features a plastic watchface whereas on the gear to it has come that metalframing on the outside and plastic on the bottom along with that we do have a heart ratesensor here located underneath both watches which will make contact withyour skin directly and reach

heart rate and they both feature a homebutton along with a1 gigahertz processor and a 512 megabytes ram along with fourgigabytes internal storage now in comparison tothe first generation gear smartwatch samsung has slammed it down the secondversion and the neo version as well they're both pretty slim and don't takeup a lot of space on your wrist all right that there is no speaker phonelocated on the bottom class be more incensed amazon has moved the camera you can actually replace the watchstraps now which is extremely convenient you're not stuck with the same watchstrap for the life

the device so it's going to take a lookat some of the specs involved now the camera on the gear to you is a two megapixel autofocus cameracable of 720 p video recording at 30 frames per second which is an upgrade over the previousversion that was only a 1.9 megapixel camera now the gear to you and your chimney orfeature a 1.63 inch super amela displayed as a resolutionhave 320 by 320 giving it 278 pixels per inch as imentioned both devices have a1 gigahertz

processor with 512 megabytes of ram andfour gigabytes have internal storage and along withthat they also get fitness tracking capabilities that include a heart rate sensor like i mention thatis in direct contact with your skin being on the bottom side up the watchand they also feature a music player so you get to play music right from thegalaxy gear the a bluetooth headset already built in speaker is that havingto play it from your device so that is definitely a nice additionalong with that both the gear to endure to near future

infrared blaster which can see up hereat the top on the neo that i'm holding and that means that you can control yourtv and other compatible devices straight from your smart watch which is kindacool but at the same time it's kevin novelty aswell so what's powering these new gear devices well there's a $315 million powerbattery inside have both of them and they have a claimstandby time up to 150 hours an average usage time up to 25 hours now the year to endure to neo areclaimed to have an average usage

up to three days and that is you knowusing it casually as you would a smartwatch if there is a casual way touse one yet or a low usage time i've up to six days but that really is goingto vary between users depending on how much you use it how many pushnotifications you have going on how much using the camera on the gear to you things like that so it'sreally gonna very between users but that is what samsung says at this momentso hope you enjoyed this quick hands-on and overview up the gear to and gear toneo and if you did please leave this video a thumbs up

also subscribe for more content likethis in the future thanks again for watching everybody ireally appreciate it this is dom and have a great day well

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