iphone rear camera not working

today, in just under 4 minutes you’re goingto learn everything there is to know about replacing the rear camera on your iphone 5.thereare two screws down at the bottom that are called a pentalobe screw. you can look inthe video description for parts and tools that you’ll need to complete this project.normally you can take a suction cup and pull up on the screen once those screws are out;the screen should pop loose. but this suction

iphone rear camera not working, cup is far too small to do the job so i’mgoing to show you how to do another way. take a metal pry tool or a razor blade and kindof slip it between the metal frame and the glass screen and then pry up on the plasticpart of the screen to pull it away from the frame. don’t pull up on the glass or you’regoing to end up breaking something and the

screens are pretty expensive. so be careful.once the screen is unclamped from the sides, don’t bend it past the 90 degree mark orelse you’ll rip the ribbon cables. take out those 3 screws and then remove the metalplate. pop up each of these 3 ribbon cables. they are kind of like legos, just lift themup and unclasp them and the screen pulls away from the phone. and then there are two screwsholding the battery cable in place. undo those and the best piece of advice i can give youis to make sure to stay organized. keep the screws next to the holes on the brackets.you can also take a piece of paper and draw out or make a list of where all the partsgo. cuz it gets pretty complicated once we get all the rest of the screws out. anyway,the batteries are in there pretty tight. the

glue tends to get harder with age; the stickytape they’re taped down with. so the longer your battery’s been in there the harderit’s going to be to get out. i just took my pry tool and kind of slid it between theback frame and the rest of the phone and it popped the battery out. undo this little ribboncable up here at the top. this is for the power button and volume buttons. and thenthis right here is a bracket that holds the charging racket that holds the charging uphere at they out sure port in place so undo that screw and put the bracket next to it.unclasp the ribbon cable for the charging port. it’s kind of like the legos we weretalking about before. and then for the cellular antenna just unclasp that and lift it up andthen get those out of your way. and then there

are two little ribbon cables that are stillin our way for one of the screws that we have to undo. so lift this up; put it somewherewhere you’re going to remember where it goes. and then there are 5 screws on the motherboardthat you have to unscrew. and then there are two screws up here by the camera that we’regoing to be replacing. grab that little bracket once you get the screws out. and put thatnext to the screws that you just undid. and you can take out the sim card. you can alsomake this one of your first steps which i would recommend. just put your little toolin there or you can use a paper clip. and then these screws are super super important.don’t forget to undo those. they’re kind of grounding screws for the motherboard. onceyou get those two screws undone the motherboard

comes loose from the frame. and then you cangrab the wifi antenna wire cable and unclasp that from the back and that frees up the motherboardfor us to work on to get to the camera. now here’s the camera. there are two screwsholding a bracket in place that keep the camera plugged into the motherboard. once you getthe screws out, lift up that little bracket and put it somewhere special. and then justunclip the camera from the motherboard. and that’s pretty much it. grab your new cameraand you can just slide that into place. you can see what the little connection looks likeback there. all the parts and tools will be in the video description below. you can seeme just kind of clip it into place back on the motherboard again. if you need any toolsor parts go ahead and click in the “about”

section below in the video description andi’ll have links for those. anyway, if you have any questions, make sure to leave themin the comments. don’t forget to “like” this video if i helped you and don’t forgetto subscribe. if i helped you in any way, the best thing you can do for me is subscribeto my channel. thanks for watching.

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