iphone se front camera specs

hey, what's up youtube! pallab here, fromnothingwired.com. well, a new year, a new iphone and this iphone arrived a little soonerthan expected. generally, we've seen the iphone released once a year, in the latter part ofthe year, like in august, september, october, that time. but this iphone, that apple announcedyesterday is not also in a expected progression line of the iphone, like 6, then 6s, the nextone expected is iphone 7, which by the way

iphone se front camera specs, might arrive at the same time, that its expectedto arrive but the one that apple announced yesterday, can be a new category of iphone. its called the iphone se. now, first of all, about the name, there are lot of rumours about theiphone and one of them was about the name as well. lot of people told that it could be iphone 5 se, even i though so, but i think

apple omitted the figure 5 because otherwise,it would sound like an upgrade of the iphone 5s, rather than a new category. this couldbe start of a new category actually, iphone se, maybe iphone se 2, next year, who knows?anyway, so first we'll go and take a quick rundown of the spec sheet here. and i'm notgonna talk about all the features here because that'll take too long. but first and foremost,it is of the same size as the iphone 5s, that is 4-inch. there is a 4-inch screen, not anhd resolution. the design is also almost exactly like the iphone 5s, the same boxy design,matte finish, aluminium finish, very sturdy. i like the buttons and the layout, and thatparticular design of the 5s, i think at that screen size, this design fits perfectly. apartfrom that you have the design and the screen

size, same as the iphone 5s but inside, the iphone se is a whole new beast. you get the 6s power, literally in a smaller body. so it comes withthe same 64-bit a9 chip that the 6s has, also has the m9 graphic co-processor, so same levelof gaming experience is what you can expect from the iphone se. 1gb of ram and it'll comein two storage variants: 16gb and 64gb, we'll talk about that a little later. but my personalbest, the biggest improvement in a 4-inch phone or over iphone 5s, i would say, apart from the chip, is the camera. it got the latest camera of the iphone 6s. so, the same 12mp isight camera, not only that, you also have the true tone flash, you have the focus pixels,although i don't know the size of the sensor and the size of the pixels, whether they arethe same. but i'm assuming they are the same.

not only that, you have the same front camera,also have the retina flash, and you also got 4k recording now, you got 1080p at 60fps,you also got the slow-mo at 240fps, and you got a panorama shot, that can measure up toor it can size up to 63mp. its a beast of a camera on such a small body. you do notsee it in other 4-inch phones. the iphone se is also big in the connectivity front.it obviously has lte, but then you also have one of the fastest lte now, up to an incredible,blazing fast 150 mbps. and that's a magic number, 150 mbps enables volte, so you havevoice over lte on the brand new iphone se, you also have wi-fi calling and the latestbluetooth 4.2. i was sceptical about the battery life, apple says it has a much better batterylife than the iphone 5s. i'll believe them

but still it wouldn't be anything close torevolutionary. about 1650 mah battery, i do not expect much. another good thing is thatapple has ios 9.3 out-of-the-box with this phone. now, in lot of markets, probably this phone won't come with 9.3, because generally the packaging starts little before than when 9.3 is availablevia ota, but i'm assuming that as soon as you start up the phone, you can have an updateready of 9.3. you'll have the same four colours the iphone 6s has: silver, grey, gold, and rose gold version. so, that's all cool then. so almost everything that the iphone 6s had,but on a smaller body, that's incredible. now, coming to the price. again, very aggressivelypriced and i really think apple has done something quite right this time, at least on the pricefront. the 16gb iphone se will cost 399 usd

and 499 usd for the 64gb. here lies, one ofmy biggest disappointment, there is no 128gb version. we do not know the pricing in indiayet, but then $399 translates to about 33,000 indian rupees, so i'm assuming whenever thatarrives later in may, it should cost around about 37,000 inr, including some of the othertaxes. so, you can do the math for the 64gb version. now, the apple starts taking ordersfor this, for usa and some of the other countries that you can see on your screen, startingmarch 24 and you'll be sad to see, if you are an indian, that india is not on thislist. so, we will only get it along with 109 other countries by the end of may. so that guys was the quick look at the iphone se.

if you have more questions, please ask mein the comments section and i'll try to answer them all. but for me, there are more prosthan cons about this new iphone announcement. the pros are mainly, you have a smaller screenbut this 4-inch device is also one of the most powerful phones ever, so that's wherethe perfect amalgamation of the size you want, with the power you want. generally, the 4-inchscreen devices these days are only entry-level devices. no. 2 is the pricing. $399 i thinkis a very aggressive price. and no. 3 and my personal best is the camera, that was really a very pleasant surprise for me to have latest 6s camera on the iphone se. talking aboutthe cons, well, i would say again, the number of people loving bigger screen is increasing alarmingly. so, probably you'd just ignore it

mainly because of the 4-inch screen. i would probably ignore the iphone se because it does not have a 128gb version. for me, a 128gbversion is a must, because i store a lot of things. so then, decide for yourself, whetheryou want a 4-inch screen with a same power. you have a lot of time to decide for yourself, we are not getting it anytime soon, only by late may. chao.

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