my iphone camera is black

whats up youtube? so today i want to showyou guys a glitch on ios 9 . - up - 9.3 to it allows you to record with youriphone's camera on a blank screen so basically you could start a recordingwith your phone and set it somewhere and the screen would remain blank how you dothis is pretty easy you don't need a jailbroken phone thisis online . - it's not jailbroken

my iphone camera is black, so how you would do this is basicallywait your device up on the lock screen scroll up and grab where the camera isand wait until the camera actually shows up so click over to video keep your finger there and then tapstart video and then hit the button home

button three times now just keep holdinghim wait and you'll see the screen just go blank just like that but now this device isstill recording so basically you could set it set it up like this and it'llactually record even though the screen is blank so now to stop the recording basicallyjust come in here and you hear the little click when you scroll up thatstopped the recording so now if we want to take a look at this recording willsee here that recording continued the entire time

even though the screen was blank sowe'll be able to watch me pan over the iphones and very cool really neat trick it could bereally handy if you're in a location where you don't want somebody to knowyour video in so i mean use this for good but there you guys go so what do you think thanks for watchingmake sure you like this video subscribe to the channel for more videos and we'llsee you again next time cheers

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