my iphone camera is just black

my buddy recently just dropped his iphone5. it wasn't even a very far drop but it dinged the side just enough so that there is a smallgap where dust could enter inside of the phone. and so his front camera and his back camerahave dust all over them. so today i'm going to show you how to take apart the iphone 5,remove the dust, and put it all back together. it's actually pretty simple, you just needa basic set of tools. i'll put a link in the

my iphone camera is just black, video description below to the tools thatyou need to buy. they're only like ten bucks i think. anyway take out the bottom two screwson the iphone, they're the same screws that you would have used with an iphone 4 withthe pentalobe screwdriver. then attach the suction cup. and then if you have a plastictool, go ahead and use that to pry the screen

up. the metal one fits in there a little biteasier but you do scratch your phone just a tiny bit. so use the plastic one if youhave one. and then once the screen is lifted up using the suction cup, there's three screwson this metal plate that hold down the ribbon cables. so remove the three screws, there'stwo smaller ones on the bottom, and there's one slightly longer screw at the top. onceyou get those screws undone the metal plate lifts up, and there's three ribbon cablesconnected. they just kind of unsnap just like lego pieces, so using your flat plastic non-marringtool just kind of lift those up and away, and then the screen itself detaches from theiphone. so now, for the back camera it just lifts up just like this. don't pull it allthe way away from the phone, just kind of

tilt it back 90 degrees, and then use eitheran air compressor or compressed air inside of a can, which i'll link in the video descriptionbelow, to blow out the excess dust. you don't actually need to touch it or anything. usuallythe air just kind of blows everything away and leaves it super clean. then just pop thecamera back into place and it'll sit snugly once you press it back in. now the front camerasare a little harder, there's two screws holding on to the metal plate, this is the speakerright here. so remove the speaker and the metal plate together. and then the cameraassembly lifts out sideways. so you can see there there's a bunch of dust on the i'm going to blow it all away, inside and outside. and then the camera assembly justsnaps right into place again. i had to use

a pair of tweezers to get the light sensorpositioned correctly. and then you put the earpiece back in. and remember the earpieceis a magnet so when you're trying to screw the screws back in it will mess with you justa little bit. so get those two screws back in place and that's basically it. to reattachthe front screen of the iphone 5, grab the ribbon cables and they snap back into place,just like legos would. i use my non-marring to kind of press them gently into place andthen just use my finger to make sure they're all secure. then grab your little metal plate.put it back on top. remember the three screws you have, there's one that's slightly longerthan the other ones and that screw goes on the top. the other two screws go on the bottom.i'm going to speed this up just a little bit.

anyway like i mentioned before, all the toolsyou need will be in the video description below as well as the compressed air. amazon'susually the best place to buy screen replacements, or speaker replacements, or basically anything.anyway, then you take the screen, put the top in first, and press along the sides tosnap the rest of it into place. and then don't forget to put the bottom two screws, the pentalobescrews, back into place as well. anyway, i put up videos at least, you know, once a week,you know high tech phone repairs, new phone reviews, new releases, so if you have anyquestions make sure to leave them in the comments, don't forget to like this video if it helpedyou, and don't forget to subscribe. i like knowing who i help. there you go. thanks forwatching.

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