underwater camera case for iphone 6

iphone 6 water test! hey guys keaton herewith techsmartt adn today we're doing an iphone 6 water test as so many of you guys enjoyedour iphone 5s water test last year. this is the iphone 6 as it is a lot thinner, a lotlighter, has kind a new shape and it has a power on/power off button on the right sideinstead of the top this year. looking on the phone we can see an extra row of icons anda few other characteristics as this does have

underwater camera case for iphone 6, a 4.7" display but apple did release the iphone6 plus which has a 5.5" display. without further delay, lets go ahead and get dropping. soi filled my sink up with some water and am actually going to start a stop watch on thisguy just to see how long it lasts when it is submerged and just get an idea of how longit can be under water before problems start

to occur. so immediately once its submergedwe can actually see air bubbles coming out from the headphone jack and lightning port.this pretty much means water is going into the phone because when water goes in one placeair has to come out the other. it is just going to start air bubble for the next minute or so and then problems mightoccur.

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