what's hdr on iphone camera

with the introduction of the new a7s by sony,for the first time, we have a camera with this size and this pricerange that can actually record s-log. so, i felt that it'simportant to distinguish between normal flat profiles and s-log. allowme first to explain what is s-log.

what's hdr on iphone camera, if you come to this slide here, this linehere represents the screen's dynamic range. most of the screensyou're going to be using on a day-to-day basis, your tv, aregoing to be adjusted to match the rec709 color space, which has acertain dynamic

range. on the other hand, if you look at thecamera dynamic range, most cameras are capable of recordinga dynamic range that exceeds the screen's dynamic range, whichmeans that the camera records way more stops and way moreinformation than what a screen can display. so, the camera manufacturers had to come upwith a way to try to retain all this information in to the recordedfile, so, they introduced curves. and curves are very simpleway, they're just ways to try to squeeze the stops, orthe information, from

the camera in to the same color space of therecorded format that happens to match the color space of the screen,which produced very flat images. this is a flat profile. this caused a smallproblem. notice the way it was implemented. the highlights arecompressed and the shadows are compressed, and way more datais being given to the midtones. s-log tries to rearrange thesestops, giving the same amount of information to every stop regardlesswhether these stops are in the highlights, midtones,or the shadows.

and that's what's so unique about s-log, andit's very interesting that it's introduced in such asmall body, in a low price point like the a7s. now, notice these two images here. the oneon the right was shot with s-log, the one on the left was shotwith a normal flat profile, with the same lighting and cameraof course. notice how the highlights roll off really fast, blurringthings out in a very artificial way, a video-ish way. things justgo from being midtones to being highlighted and being blownout really fast.

but, if you look to this image, it's morenoisy but at the same time, the highlights roll off happens reallygradual. just take a look at the plate here. take a look at howthe colors are just gradually going from midtones and slightlygoing all the way to highlights. notice that the exposure is roughly the same,and this is one of the best things about s-log. it just allowsyou to have the same amount of information in the highlights, midtones,and shadows rather than just getting all the informationin the

midtones and just giving away less informationto the highlights and shadows.

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